About Us


Michael Carter, C.E.T.
Company founder with 20 years of career experience.

Michael has been working within the design and construction field since 1986, actively consulting on large scale projects since 1995. He has contributed to publications with the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), National Institute of Building Sciences, Construction Specifications Canada, Ontario Building Envelope Council, and the International Conference on Snow Engineering.

Recognized as an expert in his field, Michael’s ability to interpret a building design within its local microclimate has earned him a reputation as a trusted consultant with leading architectural and engineering firms throughout North America.

Our Clients

We assist design, development, management and ownership clients in the design or rectification of large scale developments, tall high profile buildings, prominent monuments, critical infrastructure and public buildings.  Given the sensitivity of our service specialty clients have trusted our discretion and confidentiality, thus the majority of our clientele are referred based on personal recommendations and references.


We collaborate confidentially with designers and decision makers, assessing and communicating potential risks, then recommending proven and detailed mitigation strategies that align with design objectives.


A foundation of architectural design and construction knowledge is combined with a practical understanding of building and microclimate science, which is exceeded by years of field investigations, wind tunnel analysis, laboratory testing and cold climate research.  This expertise has allowed us to specifically address all types of falling ice and snow issues, including: tall building icing, facade and roof mock-up testing, large roof snow drifting, barrier design and the investigation of existing building problem conditions.


High-Rise (commercial, residential or mixed-use), Cultural, Institutional, Transportation, Infrastructure, Sports and Recreation.


We provide services in North America and internationally, from Anchorage to Atlanta, from Seattle to New York City, and from London to Seoul.

Michael Carter

Michael Carter, C.E.T.




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